Center on Congress

March 5, 2015

With yet another public opinion survey showing Congress to be wildly unpopular — a newly released poll by the IU Center on Congress shows 86 percent disapproving of the national legislature’s performance — the question arises, could Congress’s standing with the public fall even further in 2015, or are there prospects for improvement?

“There are areas of overlap in terms of the policy priorities...

February 16, 2015

April 15 is the application deadline for teachers who wish to be considered for the 2015 American Civic Education Teacher Awards.

The awards are given annually to elementary and secondary teachers of civics, government and related fields who have demonstrated exceptional expertise, dynamism and creativity in motivating students to learn about Congress, the Constitution, and public policy.

February 3, 2015

For the second straight year, a group of academic experts who were asked to evaluate Congress’s performance gave the institution a barely-passing grade of C-minus.

“This is a dismal assessment,” said Indiana University political scientist Edward G. Carmines, who is Director of Research for the Center on Congress at Indiana University.

The C-minus grade for 2014 is the same mediocre mark...

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